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SoCon07 Recap

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What the blogosphere said

The conference was everything it promised to be and more.

-Jodie Davis, It’s TV on the Internet

SoCon07 has come and gone, and I'm already feeling that change is in the air!  … the seeds are finally in place for Atlanta to finally start taking part in what many (myself included) are calling a revolution in communications and our ability to act collectively.

-Timothy Moenk, Continuous Partial Attention

Saturday was a fill-my-brain-and-meet-and-greet day at SoCon07, a social media unconference where a mix of 250ish people batted a virtual inflatable beach ball around.

-Stephanie Roberts,

I love being around people who are passionate. SoCon07 had plenty of this energy.

-j. brotherlove,

It’s interesting to see what happens when you get about 250 really, really smart and opinionated people in a room together. Kudos to the event organizers!

-Rocky Hunter, Rambles by Rock

SoCon 07 Hosts

Your hosts for SoCon08: Jeff Haynie, Sherry Heyl and Leonard Witt. Photo by Josh Hallett (CC)