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Connect Because You Can

Connect Because You Can ¶ Just as with SoCon07 and SoCon08, this year’s SoCon09 is built on the premise that collectively we know more than we do individually. ¶ In the first two years, we introduced social media, user-generated content, blogs, podcasts, video logs, social networking, wikis… but nothing stands still. Find out what you have to know in 2009 to stay ahead of the learning curve. ¶ Find out who is doing great stuff; who has great, innovative ideas. ¶ Network and learn — and maybe even partner with — independent content producers, new media pros, academics and people from across the spectrum of marketing, public relations, legal, human resources, and executive ranks. ¶ Just $89 for the full 1.5 days, including a Big Eating, Big Thinking Networking Dinner on Friday night. Or $39 just for Saturday, including a continental breakfast and networking lunch. SoCon09 is over — see you next year at SoCon10!

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