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SoCon10 was a great success that saw packed crowds at both the Friday Night Networking Dinner and the Saturday Unconference.  The feedback we are receiving is extremely positive as participants are already looking forward to next year’s event.

There are several things you can do to stay active in this community.  First, take a look at our upcoming conferences to see if the topics match your specific interests.  Many of the same attendees from SoCon are sure to be there.  Also,  take a look at all of the tweets from the conference and the days since.  Several people have linked to their recap blogs, videos, and photos.  And lastly, head over to flickr to see if you can find yourself in one of the hundreds of images that are being uploaded.

Thank you so much for making SoCon10 such a great event.  It truly was an interactive experience that allowed everyone to learn so much from each other.


SoCon10 – Enough Theory;  Now Show Me the Money – and the Love

Proven Social Media, Social Network Tactics to Enrich Your Business, Nonprofit and Yourself


Just as with SoCon07, SoCon08 and SoCon09 and this year’s SoCon10, is built on the premise that collectively we know more than we do individually.

In the first three years, we introduced social media, user-generated content, blogs, podcasts, video logs, social networking, wikis, Twitter… but nothing stands still. Find out what you have to know in 2010 to stay ahead of the learning curve. Find out who is doing great stuff; who has great, innovative ideas. Network and learn — and maybe even partner with — independent content producers, new media pros, academics and people from across the spectrum of marketing, public relations, legal, human resources, and executive ranks.

Just $99 for the full 1.5 days, including a Big Eating, Big Thinking Networking Dinner on Friday night. Or $49 just for Saturday, including a continental breakfast and networking lunch.


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