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Social Network Nightmares

Miley Cyrus is the queen of social network nightmares.  The provocative photos that she posted on her myspace went viral, causing a stir around the world.  And recently here in Atlanta, a teacher was fired for posting photos of herself on Facebook simply holding alcoholic beverages. With 87% of Americans now using a social networking site, perhaps we should learn from these stories to self-censor.

CareerBuilder’s latest survey found that 45% of employers are using social media to look for potential employees.  An additional 11% are using these sites to perform background checks.

So, should there be a separation between our personal and professional lives or do these social networking sites provide an invaluable tool for employers to screen potential employees so that they can ensure their brand is protected from Cyrus-like drama?  I caught up with a few folks to find out.

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