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Twitter: Police scanner for the digital world

Tweets from our neighbors at the Woodstock, Georgia Police Department:

Slow Down and Drive Safe. The Super Speeder law goes into effect Jan 1, 2010.  about 15 hours ago from web

12-27: Ofc. Whitley arrested a male on Creekwood Dr for DUI 11:40 AM Dec 27th from web

Every day a new police department or fire department is creating a Twitter account to post arrests, road closings, suspect descriptions, amber alerts and more.  This week, the D.A. in Houston Texas is Tweeting every drunk-driving bust. 

Public safety officials from Florida, to Iowa and Oklahoma have figured out that social networking can help them get information out faster than traditional media.  They’re sending out Tweets right from their Blackberrys in the field. 

Read more at Baynewser, and CNN.

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    I’ve been looking all over for this!


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